it began with worms - trenton-based terracycle has become a high-profile player in a niche corner of the recycling market known as \'upcycling

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One thing that happens occasionally is that Szaky wants to be one of the fastest people in the United States.
Developing private enterprises into diversified enterprises
The billion-dollar global empire has not had a brilliant start. Trenton, deep valley-
Eight years ago, TerraCycle stood out from the Princeton student business program competition.
The idea of Szaky is to build a company that converts biodegradable waste into high
Fertilizer made from worm feces.
The 28-year-old Szaky was inspired by the success of him and some of his Canadian high school partners in growing robust plants in fertilizer made from worm feces.
He decided to drop out of Princeton during his sophomore year to pay full attention to waste --into-
He is called TerraCycle, a fertilizer company.
Today, Szaky\'s company, founded in 2002, has a $20,000 machine that feeds organic waste to millions of bugs that turn waste into fertilizer.
Professional manufacturer. It is a high-
In a niche corner of the recycling market known as the \"up cycle\", where used materials such as aluminum beverage bags, plastic soda bottles and plastic food wrappers are collected and converted for new products, instead of being broken down into raw material ingredients.
Upgraded by accidentracycle is expected to have more than $13 million in revenue this year ---
Revenue almost doubled in 2009.
Szaky said the company shifted its focus from fertilizer that is still in the product line to an almost accidental upgrade.
About four years of human survival, three ecology
Friendly beverage and food brands interested in TerraCycle\'s eco-friendly business model that profited from organic waste, in addition, the company wants to be able to design a way to recycle containers and packaging that sell its products.
\"What happened was that Honest Tea and Stonyfield and Clif Bar came up to us and said,\" We see that you guys are really innovating with crap.
There is a problem with the energy Bar packaging.
Stonyfield has a problem with the yogurt bucket and the Honest Tea has a problem with the juice bag, \"said Szaky.
They said, \"can you do this for us ? \" So we innovate.
We came up with a solution.
\"This is relatively feasible,\" he said . \"
\"But we have to figure out how we can collect waste once we have a product solution for these products,\" Szaky said . \".
As a result, TerraCycle has created a collection system that is rapidly evolving into a national project by partnering with schools, businesses and popular brands that want to promote more packaging recycling.
This system works like this: for example, a school will set up a collection box for items such as beverage bags, coffee envelopes, energy bar wrappers, or used pens. Big-
Partner name-
Szaky said the name company, which is interested in promoting their image through an increasingly eco-friendly public, funds collectors and the promotion of the project.
TerraCycle\'s program includes a variety of major consumer goods companies, Capri sunshine from Mars, DollyLay and 3M.
Once the boxes are filled, they will be shipped to TerraCycle for free, and then the items will be re-made into materials for backpacks, coasters or plastic wood, without making new products themselves.
Then sell the material of the new product to third-
Party manufacturers interested in producing eco-friendly goods.
The manufacturer of TerraCycle is also the product of the TerraCycle license fee.
TerraCycle also pays about 2 cents for each item it receives as a donation to the charity chosen by the collection site.
TerraCycle has contributed nearly $1 so far this year.
Through the project, 2 million pounds were donated to charities, benefiting some 40,000 organizations across the country.
The company estimates about 10.
5 million people involved in waste disposal
There are more than one collection project in the United States alone.
8 billion units of waste were transferred from landfill sites.
At this point, TerraCycle only collects materials that will not be recycled, Szaky said.
Some of its upgrading projects have a significant impact on waste logistics.
\"For example, in the beverage bag project, we collected 2% of all beverage bags in the US today,\" Szaky said . \".
\"There are almost 2 million bags a week.
\"The beauty of the system from TerraCycle\'s point of view is that the company does not have to do any advertising on its own.
Partner brands highlight TerraCycle and its systems on their own packaging.
\"I will say, we are in 10-to 11-
There are now billions of packages every year.
What is really exciting is that by the end of 2011, we will be launching about 40 billion packages around the world, \"said Szaky.
TerraCycle is also expanding its operations outside the United States and has established offices and warehouses in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Ireland, operations are underway in Israel and Turkey, as well as in 10 other countries.
But Szaky, born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in Toronto since the age of eight, is the only son of two doctors and parents, and Trenton\'s headquarters will remain in Trenton.
The company has about 75 employees worldwide and has recently expanded to 250,000. square-
So here\'s the first 25,000-square-foot, graffiti-art-
The Home Office decorated on New York Avenue can be used exclusively for its administrative and research needs.
TerraCycleSzaky says Trenton is the best place for businesses like TerraCycle.
\"Trenton has such a good chance,\" he said . \"
\"Real estate is cheap.
People can be reached.
This is a great location between New York and Philadelphia.
\"We \'ve always wanted to be in an inner city, which is also very important for us because we \'ve always wanted to create a good business at as many levels as possible,\" said Szaky.
But he can easily admit that Trenton also has shortcomings, especially in terms of labor.
\"What Trenton really needs is more investment in education, because if you\'re looking for labor outside of physical labor, it\'s hard to hire from the city,\" he said . \".
This is a challenge.
\"Szaky even has a month at his home in Trenton-
Greenwood Avenue mansion for two years--
There will be 35 company interns staying here this summer.
But Szaky sold the house and moved to Princeton one day when he came home and found the bullet holes.
Shoot on the wall of his bedroom.
The garbage tycoon TV show, garbage tycoon, also has its own TV series, garbage tycoon, on National Geographic.
Each episode follows TerraCycle as it accepts specific waste logistics and translates it into a new product.
TerraCycle products are sold at major retailers including Wal-Mart
Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot and toys fight city.
Szaky wants the company to eventually own its own franchise retail store chain, but currently it has only one boutique on Palmer Square in downtown Princeton and a temporary \"pop store\"
Shops near Times Square.
TerraCycle Szaky said there could be a lot
There are billions of dollars of companies in every corner of the world.
There are even rumors inside TerraCycle that if the company becomes so big, the famous \"Trenton made\", the world will become a \"sign\", Trenton made, \"Szaky said.
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