Hui hua teach you choose water bag packing

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Now water bag products emerge in endlessly, about how to choose a suitable own water bag are sometimes difficult to choice for consumers. Specializing in the production of portable bag kettle hui hua packing products co. , LTD. , experts, for you to solve this problem. In general, choose a good water bag to consider the following questions. 1, non-toxic tasteless material: water bag is filled with water, so we have to water security, non-toxic, in the first place. Most products will use non-toxic, tasteless material, but there are some inferior product water after serving for a long time can have a strong plastic smell. This product still don't consider well. Compressive capacity of 2, water bag: we often need to be equipped with water pouch bag stacking transport, even sometimes use backpack as chair, cushion for leaning on, even the bed. Not use a pressure products, the result will be very terrible. 3, the choice of water mouth, water bag water mouth is very important. Easy to open and close, single hand or teeth open operation. Also, make sure the pressure resistance of water mouth is closed, so as to avoid bags stacked after water from water mouth out. 4, water inlet: obviously, the opening, the greater the water more easily, of course, the greater the corresponding openings the tightness and pressure resistance is the worse. At present most faucets are using similar to screw the mouth of the barrel lid as there are a few mouth water bag to use snap fastener water bag. 5, water bag hanging ring: many backpacks with water bag, but experts say if you have any conditions as far as possible will hang water pouch, can avoid the water moves back and forth in the package, increase the unnecessary energy consumption, the center of the transfer will be a little influence on feeling. 6, water bag insulation: an excellent water bag, usually is to be able to adapt to the spring, summer, autumn three seasons, winter freezes if not etc are also applicable to the special circumstances. The above is a portable bag selection method of kettle.
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