Hui hua packing: what are popular the midautumn festival moon cake packing bag?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Hui hua packing: what are popular the midautumn festival moon cake packing pouch? The Mid-Autumn festival is peculiar to the Chinese festival, and eat moon cakes in the Mid-Autumn festival moon has become a traditional customs. Eating moon cakes year after year, year after year is that the taste of home, become cakes packaging, in order to meet the be fond of of people, promote the sale of moon cakes, the cakes producers to spend the mind. Moon cake each big super has sales, a variety of tastes, all kinds of packaging, such as paper boxes moon cake packaging, plastic packaging. Good moon cake packaging is not only to attract customers to buy desire, passing information to the customer, can extend the shelf life of moon cakes, protect the taste of moon cake. So, on what are more popular mooncake packaging bags? The moon cake the material of plastic bags used widely for OPP/PE, after composite processing and printing, produce exquisite moon cake packaging. And plastic bags is lower than the cost of the carton packaging, therefore, plastic moon cakes packaging has been the mainstream. Mooncakes are delicious, but we can't eat, and when to buy moon cakes, to see the moon cake packaging information, look to whether have production date, QS logo, choose a big enterprise production, more secured. The moon cake packaging manufacturers, hui hua packing: 15019974566 WeChat with date
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