Hui hua packing: the moon cake packaging material analysis

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
General field of moon cake packaging polyethylene plastic bags, paper boxes, shallow this cellophane wrapping package, plastic coated, and other forms of packaging. Inside the carton packaging plastic film liner. Also have use cellophane and oriented polypropylene composite material, this and has the advantages of the two kinds of base material, wear resistance is very good, excellent moisture resistance, and to improve the low temperature flexibility, convenient for storage and transportation. PVDC high barrier coating film has been widely applied in direct contact with the packaging of the cakes. Colorful and packaging of mooncakes was generally divided into four parts. First, it is a plastic tray for fixed moon cakes, shock absorption, reduce the mechanical damage in the process of moon cakes in the storage and transportation, at the same time can put the moon cakes moistureproof agent pouch. PET hard PVC. Second, it is soft plastic wrapped in bags, used to keep the moon cake flavor and quality, prevent the moon cake the oxidation. Main material is: PT, PVDC composite materials or BOPP film, heat sealing, is not easy to printing, among non-polar materials need prepress processing is more complicated. Shall be selected to harm less printing ink. The third part is optional, carton has a beautiful, convenient transportation to pile up, the role of shading. Cartons can be printed on the product characteristics, related information content to attract consumers. Materials mainly for the composite paper, lined with PE, PT/PE, BOPP, moistureproof effect is good, can be designed for different shapes, recovery rate is high, the environmental protection. Fourth, optional parts, outer-package, elegant generous, suitable for family and friends. But easy to cause waste and excessive packing problem. In recent years, the moon cake packaging is too luxurious, expensive price, even the phenomenon of value is greater than the moon cake box, waste. Main material: corrugated paper, cloth, composite plastic, etc. Moon cake packaging material, packaging manufacturers, moon cake packaging customization, the midautumn festival moon cake packing custom, national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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