Hui hua packing: storing nuts most afraid of three things

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Life, many people like to one-time buy a large number of nuts food, and then in the home to eat slowly, over time, and improperly stored, is easy to go bad. Nuts because contains more unsaturated fatty acid, than other foods are more likely to happen the problem of oxidative rancidity. Usually by fine smell or taste, can discover rancid nuts, or clams. Then the nut is lipid peroxidation, long-term consumption can make damage to certain metabolic enzyme systems in the body, prompting the premature aging or dementia, have an adverse effect on the heart also, and even cancer. Many nuts, easy to be contaminated with mold, especially the peanut easy to mildew, leading to the generation of aflatoxin, which is a highly toxic substances, can lead to liver cancer, and high temperature, high humidity area south China is serious pollution. So don't buy a lot of nuts in the home, every time want right amount of choose and buy, buy time to eat. Don't buy in bulk, the independent small package is preferred. Bulk nuts best put out before it fully dry. When storing nuts, want to do is three. A moisture proof, nuts, easy to absorb moisture in the air, become no longer crisp, speed up the metamorphism. Two anti oxygen, oxygen can cause oxidative rancidity nuts, 'clams taste'. Three peculiar smell, odor nuts, easy to permeate, should avoid and stimulating odour food stored in together ( Such as Onions, garlic, strong fragrance of fruits, seafood, detergents, etc. ) 。 Pouch on the packing nut can't immediately after eating, the best seal save, eat within a week or half moon, in bulk as far as possible put in airtight packaging or containers ( Such as wash food packaging barrels, barrels of milk powder) , stored in a cool and dry place, and take advantage of the fresh food as soon as possible. If purchase quantity is large, suggest to take advantage of the first dry repackaging into can eat at a time, in sealed bags, crisper or sealing clamp after sealing in the refrigerator freezer, so reduce the nut contact with air, water, to ensure the safety nut. Then why do nut bags appear smell? Bags more nuts, dried fruit bags, packing bags, special purchases for details please consult the national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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