Hui hua packing: self-reliance bag of common problems cause analysis

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Self-supporting pouch 1 common problems cause analysis, heat sealing temperature that needs to be considered in setting heat sealing temperature factors, one is one of the characteristics of heat sealing materials; 2 it is to film thickness; 3 is the number of hot heat sealing pressure and the size of the heat sealing area. In general, the same parts of the hot pressure is large, the number of heat sealing temperature can be appropriately set lower. 2, heat sealing pressure when heat sealing must be properly could promote the thermal cover adhesive materials. But if the pressure is too big, can make molten material extrusion, not only affect the flatness fault analysis and ruled out of the bag, can also affect the effect of heat sealing bag, reduce the heat sealing strength. 3, heat sealing time heat sealing time in addition to the associated with heat sealing temperature and heat sealing pressure, and the performance of heat sealing materials, heating mode and other related factors. Specific operation should be according to the different equipment and materials, adjusted during the actual trial. 4, heating mode, heat sealing knife when making a bag heat-sealing heating mode can be divided into two categories: unilateral heating and heating on both sides. Obviously, both sides heating mode than unilateral heating method is efficient and practical. Self-supporting bag manufacturer: hui hua packing at http://www. p10000。 Cn national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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