Hui hua packing: puffed food compound bag

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
In super, we see the snack food generally using plastic composite packaging, rarely seen other forms of packaging. Why so why snack food packaging plastic composite packaging? This is for a reason. Puffed food packing bag of snack food packaging form is unitary, plastic composite pillow bags commonly used as the packing of the products. As we know, plastic composite packaging has the following advantages: first, the products have very good effect. Plastic composite packaging materials variety, there are many kinds of complex combination, can include plastic - plastic composite, paper and plastic composite, aluminium - plastic composite, etc. Through different combination of compound, can satisfy their different food strength of packaging, sealing, such as oxygen resistance, water resistance, light resistance requirements, such as: general snack food packaging materials is OPP/plated al/PE, OPP to ensure the strength of the material and packaging printing effects, etc. , aluminum plating material has very good effects such as oxygen resistance, light resistance, heat sealing agent PE layer. Second, the plastic composite flexible packaging printing effect is good, shelf display effect is good. Third, the composite film packaging material is suitable for mass production and automatic packaging. Fourth, this kind of packing way of low cost, light weight. Plastic composite packing has the advantages of multiple, and the packaging cost is lower, so the time is especially suitable for all kinds of perfection of snack food packaging. Puffed food packing bag, food bag manufacturers, food pouch, bag factory, hui hua packing, national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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