Hui hua packing: nylon vacuum bag what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Recently we have been talking about the vacuum bags, enough to see my factory to the attention of the vacuum packing bag. Today we this article to analyze the various advantages and disadvantages of nylon vacuum bags. Nylon vacuum packing bag has a very wide range of applications, food, fertilizers, medicine field. Because of the food industry demand for packaging products, nylon vacuum packaging application in the food industry is also the biggest proportion. Below let us analysis the main advantages and disadvantages of nylon vacuum packaging: 1, nylon vacuum packaging cost is relatively low; Relatively, here is relative and glass, paper, aluminum foil packing contrast class. In order to achieve the same barrier effect, nylon membrane has a huge advantage in the cost. In addition from the technology, compared to the dry compound film and other composite film production cost also can reduce 10% 30%. 2, nylon type vacuum packing bag pouch, design flexible material distribution; Packaging industry tends to design different according to the product inside the bag bag type and compound type, and nylon vacuum bags can solve this problem very well. 3, high barrier property of nylon vacuum bags; Use of the thin film material blocking performance difference, USES the multi-layer composite technology, reach the effect of air, water, high separation. The diversity of 4, nylon vacuum packaging function; Nylon vacuum packing pouch with oil resistant, resistant to moisture, resistant to 120 degrees centigrade high temperature cooking, resistant to low temperature freezing, the performance of the quality, fresh, sweet. 5, nylon vacuum packaging flexibility; Packaging both in production and in use process, will be different degree of stretch. And nylon vacuum bags because joined the nylon material, make its have the flexible strength far in excess of the general vacuum packaging. 6, nylon vacuum packaging environmental performance; Because in the process of production not add glue residue contaminants, such as the economic and environmental advantages. Finally, to tell you how to distinguish the nylon pouch. Nylon bag feel tentacles have acerbity acerbity feeling, and high tensile strength. It is easy to distinguish. The national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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