Hui hua packing: food packaging packaging why many using vacuum bag packaging?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Hui hua packing: food packaging packaging why many using vacuum bag packaging? Now we found that when overbought food packaging slightly upscale food packaging will use vacuum bags for packaging, so why food packaging with vacuum packaging. This is because the vacuum bags can vacuum packaging, such not only facilitate the preservation of food packaging quality, can also be effective use of space. Could you also don't know what are the advantages of vacuum food packaging bags, hui hua packaging look at the below. First, food packaging vacuum bags with a high barrier property. Through a variety of composite materials, using the plastic block performance difference, the water of oxygen, water and carbon dioxide odor such as blocking effect. Second, food packaging vacuum bags safe environmental protection, oil resistant, resistant to moisture, resistant to 120 degrees of life and death of the high temperature cooking, resistant to low temperature freezing, guaranteed quality, fresh, smell, can be used for vacuum packing, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging. Using non-toxic pollution-free vacuum packaging materials, very environmental protection and safety. Third, food packaging vacuum bags advantages: relative glass packaging, aluminum foil packing and other plastic packaging, cut off to achieve the same effect, fraternal film has great advantage in cost, because of its simple process, the product cost of thin film production director and composite membrane can reduce 10 - compared to other films 20%. Fourth, food packaging vacuum packing pouch features a variety of: by two or more base film and nylon or PET by film dedicated glue knot, oxidation resistant, waterproof, moistureproof, strong mechanical performance, high blast resistance. And puncture tear resistance is strong, high temperature resistant, 120 degrees c) Low temperature resistant, - 50 degrees Celsius) Non-toxic, tasteless accord with national standards. Functional diversity, such as insulation, oil resistant, moisture resistance, resistance to high temperature and low temperature, and so on, in fact, not only that, it can also play a role preservation, cooking and so on. Because of this, so food packaging packaging use vacuum packing bag more. Hui hua packaging vacuum food packaging bags: 15019974566
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