Hui hua packing: dried fruit bags odor analysis

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Hui hua packing: dried fruit food packaging bags, packaging odor analysis is one of the types of packaging design, in life in order to facilitate preservation, storage, to produce food packaging bags. However at this stage there is a new type of food bags, the popular, eight edge-sealing bag. Eight edge-sealing bag is especially suitable for the packing for dried fruit - - Dried fruit bags, good-looking, sealing, but a lot of dried fruit enterprises when using this bag smell would happen problem: dried fruit eight edge-sealing bag appear smell? Cause analysis: 1. Packaging material - — Packaging material is not food grade material, shoddy. 2. Improper control of printing process - — Lead to dissolve packaging printing ink solvents ( Alcohols, ketones, lipid solvent, benzene, etc) Not sufficiently volatile, under the action of nut oil composition, residual solvent easier to migrate to nuts inside. 3. Composite improper process control - — Led to the use of packaging composite membrane with dried fruit bag manufacturers, hui hua packaging of dried fruit bags, eight edge-sealing pouch manufacturers, the national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat synchronous 【 Dried fruit bags 】
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