Hui hua packing: design of food packaging bags should consider factors

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Hui hua packing: food packaging bags design should consider the factors of the difference between food packaging bags and other packaging, food packaging bags are generally will be vacuum. So to it and other materials used in the vacuum bags are different. Also on food packaging bags design is a little different. Then what food packaging bags in the design of time to master what factors? A: name is concise and easy to remember. Due to the vacuum bags tend not to be too big, the name is concise and easy to remember will be a good publicity to the enterprise brand; 2: simple printing. Due to the vacuum pouch will clingy, products, there will be some fold, at this time, if the packaging design is too complicated, will huddled together. For vacuum packing pouch is concise and easy, best do not need too much color, design need too loud. 3: color and pleasing to the eye. Don't try to use excessive gorgeous color to attract the attention of consumers, sometimes simple black and white collocation will come out very good effect, the key is color pleasing to the eye, make the person see just want to pick up a careful look at, this is the color effect of success. Besides above a bit more special, like the rest of packaging should reflect enterprise's reputation, or it is best to have regional symbol and the environmental protection consciousness, the packing design on the common factor is not here. In short, the design of food packaging bags or is given priority to with concise and easy to obtain a good effect. Food packaging packaging design, food packaging bags wholesale custom, food packaging bags manufacturer: 15019974566 hui hua packing at http://www. p10000。 cn
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