Hui hua packing belt you know save method of black tea

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
For the friend that likes to drink black tea, black tea has always been a problem, today hui hua packing detailed explain to you how to preserve good black tea. For black tea, high temperature, high humidity, light, air, smell and extrusion are enemy food packaging bags, therefore, in the preservation of the black tea, the best to pay attention to the following principles: 1. Using pressure loss of the seal, not pervious to light, also do not send food packaging containers. Special food packaging bags, not pervious to light glass material seal pot and food packaging bags best; If paper pouch or the carton, as far as possible is the best tight seal save. 2. POTS and food packaging bags should be stored in a cool, dry, the shade, avoid direct light or the sun. 3. Food packaging is easy to absorb odors, reason should be stored in the air is fresh tasteless. Average household bubble in order to use convenient, often used to food packaging bags placed in the kitchen, but unless cooking light, ventilated, otherwise not ideal space. 4. In any case, the general non-professional storage environment variables that occupy the home is too much, therefore, shop or don't take on too much, should only for drinking enough weight and regular supplement, in order to avoid long-term hoarding and metamorphism. Hui hua packaging has twelve years packaging production experience, can meet your all kinds of all kinds of product packaging requirements, if necessary, please contact with hui hua packaging.
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