Hui hua packing belt you know one of the world's three big high aroma of black tea - — Darjeeling tea

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Darjeeling, India's most prestigious, but also one of the most popular with tea lovers are in the region. Here are one of the world's three big high aroma of black tea darjeeling tea, hui hua packing today take you know about the darjeeling tea. Darjeeling is located in the north west of Assam, India the Himalayan foothills, for many tea garden surrounded around town, about 1830 meters above sea level elevation. Darjeeling tea plantations are mostly distributed in standard at the age of the sloping hillside mist, to fully accept the sun and the rain and grace. Especially the higher altitudes tea garden, grade and price is also relatively more climbing. And because of the higher ground, fine tea tree has more hardy LingDe area of Chinese descent, food sack form also approximate lobular kind of tea tree. The more top darjeeling, taste the more vocabulary to describe difficult words. Compared to the other origin of black tea, darjeeling tea is very pure and fresh and elegant, with special and charming natural and graceful noble gas; And with the spring the autumn the summer picking and altitude and the difference of each tea garden each year, individual sends out a very delicate and exquisite and different levels of flowers, fruit, food, etc. , intriguing. Also because of the unique character, darjeeling tea known as the 'champagne in the tea' 'blue mountain in tea,' said, of course, the price also year repeated soaring high, among the highest in the various classes of black tea. Darjeeling tea harvest is mainly about three times a year: spring pick tea First Flush: picking time in a year between April and march, early spring tender inprove the rain and fog, the First pick of the darjeeling tea has a clear thin dark brown and the flowers, the palate. Summer picking tea Second Flush: picking time between may and June, under the warm season by picking tea, dark brown is full-bodied, aroma and taste is more substantial saturation character. In general, is harvested three times in the evaluation of the highest darjeeling tea. Autumn Autumn picking tea Flush: Autumn picking tea until after the local rainy season 9 to October to complete recovery. Dark brown, taste thick and smooth, is suitable for used to punch the darjeeling tea with milk, the price is relatively easy. It is worth mentioning, darjeeling region due to the high altitude, low temperature, plus in recent years, the main consumption of green tea to Europe is a warm blowing wind, make the darjeeling tea on the fermentation degree have the status of the reduced year by year, especially in the spring of picking tea, fermentation degree often nearly half fermented tea, is tea lovers who have to pay attention to the phenomenon. At present, on the sale of darjeeling tea in addition to the part of the professional brand of bulk item tea tea, especially canned tea, mostly from different tea plantations and season with a mix of food packaging bags, does not necessarily do more marked on the harvest time. Hui hua packaging has twelve years packaging production experience, can satisfy you the demand of various food packaging bags, if necessary, please contact with hui hua packaging. 24 hours service hotline: 150 - 1997 - 4566.
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