Hui hua packing belt you know one of the four major tea producing areas of south China

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
South China tea area is one of China's four big tea area, each year ten thousand tons of food packaging bags, picking, processing, transportation, from here to China and even all over the world, the development of local tea industry, not only promoted the development of the local economy, but also promote the local employment. Hui hua packing today take you know about the tea area of south China. ( Please choose hui hua packaging food packaging bags) South China tea area, also known as lingnan tea area, area distribution of the main reason is tea in lingnan area, is located in the most southern in China mainland. South China tea area mainly including guangdong, fujian, guangxi, Taiwan, hainan province, Area) , is the place where the most suitable for tea tree growth in China, compared with other tea area, south China tea more lucrative, deteriorating water hot condition of district belongs to subtropical and tropical monsoon climate, except a few areas of south China tea OuDeNian average temperature is higher, at about 20 ℃, the average temperature in January for 7 - 14 ℃, so the general tea tree here, no freeze injury, and the annual precipitation is one of the most in four big tea area, as many as 1200 - 2000 mm, so the growth of tea tree here cycle can reach 10 months, lead to longer tea plucking, high output. South China tea area is given priority to with laterite soil, but a few areas there are red and yellow soil distribution, terrain mainly plain hills here, in the middle and lower reaches of the river, soil deep, organic matter content is very rich. Tea tea tree species in south China is rich, including shrubs, trees, small trees, and other types of tea plant varieties, producing black tea, what tea, scented tea, white tea and six tea, etc. Here class there are a lot of famous tea, black tea lapsang souchong, the father of the fujian oolong tea boutique in wuyi narcissus, dahongpao, cinnamon, etc. , guangdong chaozhou famous oolong tea phoenix fir, single pine ridge, fuzhou jasmine tea, scented tea has a very large in domestic famous. South China tea area position belongs to economic prosperity, science and technology developed, particularly fast so tea industry development, and guangdong, fujian and other provinces of the people love tea, tea, so tea industry has been occupies an important place in the local economic development. Above is the hui hua packing belt you know the relevant information of jiangbei tea area, hui hua packaging has twelve years packaging production experience, can satisfy you the demand of various food packaging bags, if necessary, please contact with hui hua packaging. 24 hours service hotline: 150 - 1997 - 4566
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