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by:Huihua     2020-10-27
In daily life, whenever in sorching summer, when we go shopping tired will go to buy a cup of milk tea to quench thirst, hui hua packing today as you introduce the method of making milk tea. Amount of water & food packaging bags and iced tea, because must also add into the milk, so keep in mind that the tea too strong point: to increase the amount of food wrappers to at least one and a half to two times, or the water cut in half, and tea the in accordance with the basic steps. Food bags for brewing tea bags, usually with strong fruity tea is preferred. Than Fang Chan goods in the origin of tea, such as Ceylon black tiles, India Assam, China fujian lapsang souchong, etc are very line; Hybrid tea, English breakfast tea, earl grey is a good milk tea company. More important than the type region is tea form: try to choose and finely food packaging bags, such as BOP, BOPF or tea, CTC grade is larger than the blade and complete food sack to rushed out of the thick alcohol more full of taste. Most of the time, even if some qualitative bias qingfen food packaging bags, as long as the tea is finely enough, often also like milk tea. For 18 ruby red tea, Taiwan tea form large leaves in article straight jas not astringent, but if for BOP level the flavor is strong, can with milk. Milk there is no doubt that the milk fat content is high, quality excellent fresh milk, can rush out to drink tea with milk! The amount of milk is visual preferences and milk concentration adjustment. Milk temperature, according to the observation, most British people use cold milk, Europe is a little bit hot. Sugar, and then pour warm milk, finally into hot tea. In this step, can do to keep temperature and black tea more fragrant incense and inspire strong YanCha milk, black tea astringency also seems to be under the mild package of milk become soft. And, according to research professor of ivy, milk tea was delicious is undrinkable because can offset is contained in milk tea protein, and therefore, if will join the scalding hot tea, milk protein degeneration due to overheating failure; On the other hand, will inject the milk tea, the mixing process, the milk is heated temperature is low, the protein can still be effective, natural more delicious. Above is the hui hua packaging is introduced the method of producing milk tea, hui hua packaging has twelve years packaging production experience, can satisfy you the demand of various food packaging bags, if necessary, please contact with hui hua packaging. 24 hours service hotline: 150 - 1997 - 4566.
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