Hui hua packing belt you know Dragon Boat Festival of historical allusions

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Whenever the lunar may fifth day this day, we'll be home to eat the rice dumplings to remember the ancient people, do you remember when I was in school, whenever the Dragon Boat Festival holiday will talk to the students, the whole history of sacrifice is the most significant of qu yuan, only he brought a 3 days holiday for us. Although this idea and shame, but for the young I don't understand so much history origin, so only in the mind of this kind of short-term thinking, with the increase of age, the increase of knowledge, also slowly awareness of qu yuan's great, and the Dragon Boat Festival is the festival of historical allusions, hui hua packing today take you know about the Dragon Boat Festival of historical allusions. ( Please choose hui hua packaging bags, food bags) In our country a lot about the legend of the Dragon Boat Festival origin, one of the most people accept an argument is to commemorate qu yuan. Qu yuan, About 340 BC - In 278 b. c. ) Abroad, Mi surname, royal, closely, flat, ZiYuan; And the cloud of regular, word spirit. Qu yuan is a famous statesman and poet of chu during the warring states period, early by king huai trust, professional body is divided, to master the country's interior power, but because the other minister be jealous of real talent, so have been sidelined, exile for many times, finally after countries were qin ying chu, killed, ZiChen in lost. Later, in order to commemorate qu yuan, so named the fifth dragon boat. Another theory is that the memory of the death loyal minister wu wu zixu. Wu zixu, a member of the professional words, chu people, the end of the spring and autumn period and the kingdom of wu, military doctor. The father of wu zixu wu luxury by FeiWuJi ChanHai, wu and his eldest son was killed by king of ChuPing together. Wu zixu fled to chu wu, become the prince he lu northeast. Later, wu zixu synergy troops invaded chu sun wu, reported the death of his fathers. Wu relies on wu zixu, become a bully governors. Finally by SIMS slanderers, bestowed fu a sword, ordered him to suicide, and his body with leather cover in great river of May 5. Therefore, the fifth is to memorial wu zixu death. The third argument is the fifth was a ward of the plague of the summer holiday, in ancient times said on evil evil, since the pre-qin period is considered unlucky day, because technology is not developed, the ancients thought diseases because of the evil god possessed so the ancients illnesses in a different way to eliminate the evil. Folk said: 'the Dragon Boat Festival, the weather is hot, ruling, no peace. 'Dragon Boat Festival flooding ruling purpose is to remind people to prevent pollution prevention. So every Dragon Boat Festival, people with color paper cut the ruling into image ( The paper cutting) , or posted on the doors, Windows, walls, kang, or is in the child's arm, to avoid the poison. Above is the hui hua packing to bring you information about the history of the Dragon Boat Festival allusions, hui hua packaging has twelve years packaging production experience, can meet your various needs, if necessary, please contact with hui hua packaging. 24 hours service hotline: 150 - 1997 - 4566
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