Hui hua packing: abnormity bag

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Special-shaped bag because of its unique appearance, has a strong appeal to consumers, has gradually become flexible packaging production enterprises increase the selling point, one of the means to increase the competitiveness of products, in the foreign court gradually popular. Abnormity pouch is a commonly used rule 3-side, seal bag, four edge-sealing pouch in different and special flexible packaging bags, widely used in food, cosmetic, toys, medicine, electronics and other fields. In the life of the common abnormity bag have 3-side, self-reliance special-shaped bag, self-supporting suction nozzle bag special-shaped bag, etc. Commonly used composite membrane yo two layer composite, three layer compound, four composite, material structure can be according to the customer. Two layers of composite are: OPP/VMPET; VMPET/PE( Commonly used in the toy bags) ; OPP / VMCPP ( Often used in food packaging) And so on. Three layer composite are: MATOPP/VMPET/PE; OPP / VMPET /聚乙烯( Often used to mask bag) ; PET/VMPET/PE( Commonly used in shampoo water bag) Four layer compound bag, PET/NY/VMPET/PE. Join, agricultural film, can increase the softness of compound bag. With the expansion of the special-shaped bag requirements, its production process there are batch and standardization, the main processing technology is divided into typesetting, printing, composite, bag making, die-cutting, mouth steps, such as processing point is typesetting, bag making, die-cutting, etc. Eva plastic bags has the most advanced production equipment, on-line production efficiency is high, is user friend custom-made special-shaped bag best choice. There is no need to do special-shaped bag, national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat synchronization, if you want to find a manufacturer, we are.
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