Hui hua packing: 5 and flexible packaging color problem

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
1, look carefully the color sample, pay special attention to observation was printed substrate, select ink from substrate rough with the smooth degree of reflection. For example: printing ink on the smooth reflective strong aluminum plate or cans, choose high transparent ink, will help to greatly enhance the ink metallic luster; 2, select color ink, as far as possible avoid mixed too much ink. Use close to the standard color as far as possible, and made from a single pigment ink. Color mixing color too much foam, the farther from the standard color, brightness, the worse. Mixed up the higher the degree of the color of the matte, color can't be seconded to make primary colors. So can use two kinds of mixed color, need not three, less is better. 3, it is important to pay special attention to the ink tinting strength. If the selected ink concentration is not high, no matter how you spell, also cannot achieve standard color concentration. 4, need to join the white when the black ink, should pay special attention to join component and the accuracy of weighing. In all ink, white ink hiding power strong. Add too much, not only can dilute colors, it will also prevent the reflection of substrate. But for the printing uneven base material such as nylon, paper board, in order to guarantee the printing quality appearance, best printing a layer as a background of white. Because of black ink tinting strength is strong, slightly accidentally add too much will need to add quite a few other color is to adjust the color wasteful, so special attention should be paid. 5, when making light-coloured ink, should from the ink film pervious to light degree judgment, it should add how much white ink or ink ( Thinner) For color. Absolutely don't allow the solvent ( Diluent) Used for light color. Solvent add too much, not only affect the printing performance, and can destroy, ink pigment and resin oil separation. A precipitation or greatly reduced ink gloss and brightness. Solve the problem of flexible packaging color, custom flexible packaging bags, all in the hui hua packaging: http://www. p10000。 Cn national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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