Hui hua packaging: red jujube packaging design and jujube bags wholesale

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Hui hua bags, red jujube packaging manufacturers, red jujube packaging design with red jujube bags wholesale. Company products are widely used in food, daily chemical products, medicine, electronics, coffee, gifts, leisure, tourism and so on all walks of life. Such as in sealing, three edge sealing, eight edge sealing bags, anti-static bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bags, aluminum foil bag, kraft paper bag, liquid suction nozzle bag, water bag portable folding erect, stick bone zipper bags, zipper bag, composite card bag, etc. Especially the abnormity bag production technology can be customized for the user personalized flexible packaging products, welcomed by customers, in 2016, the company annual heterotypic bag production amounts to 1. 200 million. We are the manufacturer of the product is according to the customer's specification, material, quantity and customized quotation, specific customized welcome advice! Products name: red bag of material quality: PET/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE ( Can be customized) Or: ( Can be customized) Use: all kinds of red jujube, dried fruit, such as food packaging. Core features: 1, good sealing, shading waterproof and moistureproof, fragrant fresh. 2, the self-styled mouth zipper design, repeatable open, convenient and save. 3, 100000 grade clean production environment, 100% without ketone benzene ink production, perfect quality control system is the authority of continuous quality guarantee to you. India brush: the company use 9 - 12 color printing high-speed computer printing machine, guarantee the precision of tinted, effect is comparable to digital photos. Services: the bag size and appearance shape, thickness and so on can design according to the test by us for the customer, to provide you with personalized service. Red bags specialized service: 15019974566 WeChat with eight edge-sealing red jujube bag: hui hua packing: kraft paper, red date pouch hui hua packing: xinjiang hotan jujube hui hua packing: self-reliance jujube fruit pouch more red jujube packaging manufacturers, red jujube packaging design, and the red pouch wholesale please contact phone number: 15019974566 WeChat with number
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