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by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Dumpling is one of the favorite food of the Chinese people are very, quick-frozen dumplings is to pack dumplings frozen cold storage, buy foods after heating. Frozen dumplings bag is in order to better protect the dumpling, improve dumplings shelf life and existence of the products, packing bags of frozen dumplings, also gave us more convenient to eat dumplings. Frozen dumplings bag belongs to a kind of frozen food packaging bags, therefore, frozen bags of the properties of the frozen dumplings bag need to meet. Such as the freezing resistance, high barrier property, puncture resistance, etc. Dumplings with frozen dumplings bag packing in the sales process, after the need to deal with the transportation, refrigeration, often can encounter collisions, bag degrees Celsius below zero, etc. , to packaging requirement also is relatively high. Dumpling in People's Daily life, at the feast when all is one of the indispensable food, has become the Chinese tradition of a nation. The material of packaging is commonly: BOPP/CPP, PET/PE and PA/PE. Is a regular packing material, but the combined effect of chemistry, but can appear people want the packaging effect. Exquisite packaging of frozen dumplings pouch also became dumplings one of the important ways of brand communication. Packaging customization, dumpling bags wholesale, packaging manufacturers, hui hua packing: 15019974566 WeChat with date
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