Hui hua packaging: new aluminum-plastic film linear tore it open

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
A few days ago, some printing company developed a new aluminum-plastic film IL - used for packaging The CUT, this kind of new packaging aluminum composite membrane has good sealing, heat resistance, and can be linearly in kaifeng. It is reported, this company also consider the extensibility of the packaging film and melting point problem, ensure the sealing and heat resistance is not affected, the development of the opening of the new linear packaging film, whereby the company is expected to achieve 2020 sales of $1 billion. The use of IL - The CUT as a packaging material, not only can be used for cooking bags of food, can also be used for packaging such as three pyramid shape, can not use tools tear by hand. It is reported, a new product that has been esaki gree, put into use as a snack food packaging. New type of aluminum-plastic film IL - The CUT features: 1) Good linear kaifeng, easy to tear the packing; ( 2) Keep the conventional thermal bonding performance, easy to make bags; ( 3) With 135 ℃ high temperature resistance, suitable for cooking food of high temperature disinfection, can be stored for a long time. In recent years, the packing field tend to use more simple and easy design of packaging. Many packaging materials is 2 ~ 3 layers of different performance of laminating film, make the packaging form a high performance, thus to protect the inside of the packaging items. Traditional packing surface membrane is by stretching can be linear, but such packaging material will be thick, affect internal sealing performance of the film, not easy to tear the packing. If you want to improve the kaifeng, will need to raise the melting point of stretch film, in the process of heat treatment processing, the surface of the film will also be affected melt, create new problems. Based on these issues, the big Japanese printing company at the same time considering the extensibility of the packaging film and melting point problem, ensure the sealing and heat resistance is not affected, the development of a new type of linear packaging film. More packing new information to the best of the hui hua: http://www. p10000。 Cn food packaging bags, food bags, please consult: WeChat with number 15019974566
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