Hui hua food sack type and specification

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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I don't need to say it is clear what is food packaging, we mainly said today's type and specification when the customer in order to choose.

1, the model about food packaging: plastic film together to form the different material of different types, and the main raw materials are generally BOPP/CPP, PET, PA, PVC, aluminum foil, pearl film, PE, which can BOPP/CPP composite together ( Food can be used commonly, can play a simple packaging effect) 、宠物/ CPP ( Brightness is higher, the material is crisp, choice the coffee food sack type) 、宠物 PA PE ( Can the puncture, resistance to high temperature 121 degrees) ,BOPP/PET( Use more widely, with some hardware) ,PA/PE( Custom bags mostly choose the model, can be boiled but not temperature too high energy to extend the shelf life) , aluminum foil/PET/PE ( Belong to high-end food custom bags, blocking performance strong) ,PA/PET/PE( Three layer composite custom packs, blocking, prevent oil, durable thorn degrees are better than the effect of PA/PE) , pearly membrane/BOPP ( Choice the bottle with the tag, like soda, detergent, etc. ) , PVC is a plastic film to shrink but cannot be directly used for packaging products can make label use packaging bottles.
2, food packaging specifications: here say is because of the difference of each manufacturer requirements, may be the same size of the product the customer request some need to loose some some compact wants a little, so the size on the order of the customer need to communicate with factory and then select the * of the specifications of the products are fit for you. If customers choose the general specifications, transparent like custom bags and other products we have in stock at any time provided to you in time.

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