Hui hua: food packaging how to identify causes of odor?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
How to distinguish and identify the causes of produce peculiar smell? In the author opinion, should first of all to the solvent residues, Including transportation, storage, from the environment to absorb the solvent in the process of steam) Odor caused by problems with additives, resin of low molecular substances, peculiar smell generated in film processing, etc. To rule out the causes of residual solvent, consider from the Angle of the base material to find the reason. Custom bags, tea bags

odor problems about food packaging coil itself, experience tells us that the smell of the olfactory stimuli is volatile, soluble organic matter. Obviously, PET, PA, PE, PP, already curing polyurethane adhesives, already dry ink film are didn't have the macromolecular substances, volatile odor so there is no problem. Such as 'analysis of the peculiar smell of the flexible packaging film' mentioned in article: composite membrane of the odor comes mainly from the several parts: one is the resin itself low molecular substances of all kinds of additives and their own, 2 it is peculiar smell generated in film processing; 3 it is processed in the processing of peculiar smell; Four are stored in the peculiar smell.

to eliminate the cause of residual solvents have two step:

it is in accordance with the standard of residual solvent testing methods, intercepting a 0. 2 square meters of composite material, cut up, preheating, extracting gas injection test the residual solvent in the gas chromatograph;

2 it is to capture a piece of the compound thin film as large as possible, make bags, filling the air, seal tongue, in the electrical oven heated for a period of time, gas chromatograph of the needle from the pouch take a certain amount of air, injected gas chromatograph in the detection of residual solvent. 【 Custom bags 】
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