Hui hua company introduction to vacuum bags leak reason and solution

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Vacuum bags leak the cause and the solution of the vacuum packing bag because of the move, easier transportation collision, friction damage lead to leak. Packaging film fold Angle caused by gas leakage, in addition to moving transport is leakage will cause the bags, packaging film fold Angle place also is in the majority will leak. Another important reason, packaging and loading time too fast will lead to deformation yu leak vacuum bags. Packaging film fold Angle by collision, friction depends on the condition of the container is full, so consider the size of the carton, and the action of using the specification, the vacuum bags leak is relatively rare. So how to detect the vacuum bags leak? What is the reason lead to the vacuum bags leak. The following hui hua company will simple disambiguation for you. Use of air leakage in the process of vacuum packaging problems, general to consider the following two aspects: one: vacuum packaging their products shape is regular, if would prompt vacuum packaging bag burst or irregular out flat mouth; 2: vacuum bags own bag? The thickness of the pouch? The size of the carton? Professionals also stressed that if all the contents of vacuum packing bag angular, friction, bag too thick or thin can cause air leakage.
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