Hui hua characteristic of the portable bottle bag packaging production

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
This company produces the portable pouch, kettle for straight shape, folding, roll up, flat. Has many excellent characteristics: 1, the product can be folded, save space on the pack on his back. 2, modelling is novel, conform to the trend, as a decoration. Appearance design elegant, contain a variety of cartoon, bear and so on. 3, a large number of transport than bottled or bottled products to save the volume. 4, hook, easy to carry. 5, fully consider each hydrating capacity requirements, size appropriate, neither encumbrance redundant, and enough water. In addition, the company USES no benzene ketone environmental printing ink, 9 - 10 high-speed computer printing printing, absolutely guarantee the color accuracy, effect is comparable to a digital photo, level 100000 dust-free production workshop production, product quality is absolutely guarantee. Huan you inquire the choose and buy
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