How to make boot operation in flexible packaging printing?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
1) , the boot after the condition on the preparation, can be turned on. 2) , boot the pilot opens the main motor, make the version of the roll speed, at the same time start the burning machine, oven temperature and fan. 4) , wrap tape ink and paper tape will version roller plug and version axis thread parts bound, in order to avoid ink from its operation, affecting the next version. 5) And up the ink tank, three actions: will the ink tank rises, make the version of the roll into the ink tank 3 - 4cm。 6) And adjustable blade, three actions: put down the knife to touch your layout, preliminary set printing distance based on the characteristics of network into, and balance to the knife, make the scraping basic good, then according to the pneumatic switch. At this point if the scraping effect is still not good, should be balanced adjustment at the ends of the scraper feed distance, until the scraping is good. Note: when you don't net scraping, should properly increase the blade pneumatic pressure, do not allow the use of mechanical pressure, lest shortened the service life of the scraper or version of the roll life. 7) , rolling tension setting process parameters to the captain setting, winding tension, feeding and discharging traction roll before and after tension and pressure. 8) , roller ink and the down volume since the first day, and in turn the printing roller, control the pressure within the prescribed scope. 9) And preliminary overprint, three at the same time, operating separately, in manual way for vertical and horizontal two to overprint. Basic accurate after switch to automatic mode. 10) A show, thick ink as ink, ink required for colour work immediately. Don't have to wait for overprint completely accurate after downtime for ink. When ink differs far, even if the film is still running, also can not stop the coarse of color ( The color and hierarchical effect can be) When should ink as soon as possible, can cut membrane sampling colorimetric, when the machine is running without stop. Until the new adjusted inky out and the hue after basic close to, can be in outage for color overprint accurate basic. Thick ink before the ink must be put to each place ahead of schedule, should avoid to appear when needed ink phenomenon of temporary looking for ink 11) , the color, Color) (1), after the basic accurate overprint, captain downtime, ink color. Should ensure that changed the ink mixing, to make the right color. (2), according to the requirement of the printing standard requirement or standard sample, meticulous color, should be a one-off for the design of various pieces of a detailed color hue, does not allow a proofing part only contrast color piece of hue. (3) should be according to the requirement of the product structure, color, foreshadowing the corresponding materials under the substrates ( Such as pearl film, aluminum plating film and paper board, etc. ) Carry on. 12) , fine tuning the ink (1), ink worker according to the result of color ink and ink as soon as possible and will stir evenly. (2), then the captain should be adjusted according to overprint effect balance beam. (3), ink work task is completed as far as possible in the pilot tinted ink work done at the same time. 13) , early (1), the ink color, color at the same time, the captain should be checked at the beginning of work, check the products for hue of defects, such as: product misprint, shallow network transfer, plug version, knives, wire, scraping not net, inky hair flower, indentation, and so on. (2), the ink color and color at the same time, the captain according to the results of the test to make a decision as soon as possible. Should ensure that the problems are resolved before the proofing again. (3), the ink color at the same time, and volume for auxiliary color and matching color. 14) After, pull (1), fine ink, start proofing. (2), if not up to standard hue, color and color mixing process should be repeated. More flexible packaging industry knowledge, please click: http://www. p10000。 Cn hui hua packaging food packaging bags, fold the water pouch, food packaging bags, all kinds of bags, for details, please call: 0769 - 39929061 13650118600 rowan
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