How to determine the safety of the aluminum foil bag?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Now the aluminum foil bag has a big market, so how to choose the aluminum foil pouch? Aluminum bag because its Yin sex good, heat sealing performance, high insulation, moistureproof performance is good, high transparency. And acid resistance, abrasion resistance, and other functions are also very good, and therefore is widely used in the packing pouch of the food industry. now more and more get the attention of people, how to choose the bags, we need to pay attention to the green environmental protection of printing equipment and machinery. Does not produce harmful gases, odors and liquid. Pollution-free production process, without any harmful substances.

as far as possible choose without coating, coating materials, colored plastic bags can not be used in food packaging. This kind of aluminum foil bags are often made of recycling plastic. Food packaging factory is no smell, no peculiar smell, plastic bags with special smell, cannot be used for food packaging. Should choose as far as possible without coating, coating of packaging materials, the children's disease risk.

customize the appearance of the bags need to check the bags. Appearance inspection mainly to see if the bags have obvious scratch; Is there a pinhole; If there's any pollution; Whether the pincer-like device specification. Compressive strength and the burst strength test. The strength and the breaking strength method is to use heavy extrusion method, put the bags on the table, then add weight above, for a minute later, custom bags first whether any shape, hole leakage, and so on and so forth. When choosing materials, to choose environmental protection material, pay attention to the recycled aluminum foil packing material, green environmental protection material, do not use the secondary waste, especially the food packaging bags don't use or recycling industrial waste material. Bags, food bags
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