How to design the eight edge-sealing flat zipper bag?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
In order to more accurately grasp the different kinds of eight edge sealing zipper pouch with flat color planning is not the same as request, we can from the following seven thinking:
1) Set the tone: let's after have proper knowledge of products, set a tone. All the feeling is showily or simple packaging color; According to hue, lightness, purity and color fundamental characteristics to reflect in detail, such as bright, dark, cold, warm, and so on. Bags, food bags

2) Color area: in addition to the hue, lightness, purity, color size is one of the important elements directly affect the color. Yan color match first think about the arrangement of the large area of color, large area of color in packaging display have distance of visual effect, is to attract customers into the top of the front of the element. Other, when the two colors in a strong, can try not to change hue, purity and lightness and expand or narrow in a certain area for harmonic color, to reach the overall tone.

3) Focus on color apply: quality is the point in the total color coloring, is the area of elements and visual cognition degree of association of coloring. Usually request on the lightness and purity is higher than the surrounding color, the color of the around area is less than, otherwise don't focus on function. Custom bags, tea bags

4) Gradually layer: the use of color gradually layer is gradually change the color of color, hue, lightness and purity can change gradually layer. Gradually layer is harmonic and rich color of color, in high eight edge-sealing flat in the color of the zipper pouch processing. But if processing owe good, shelf display effect will sell at a discount greatly, all in gray or color tendency is not obvious.

5) Comparison: the use of color in color is different in color, this is the area near the comparison of the color hue, lightness, this kind of coloring has the intense visual effect, and then is advertising, which in puffed food packaging a wide range of applications.

6) Mark: the use of color here does not mean the company LOGO and the color of the brand LOGO, but with the color difference between different species in a particular area, or similar different kinds products series packaging color. Such as the instant noodles packing now, under the condition of the same format, mostly using the color idea, with color to differentiate different tastes.

7) Against: the use of color that is relative to the product of tone color, is the general tone or color emphatically adjust role of auxiliary coloring method, to strengthen the color level, or lead to pay attention to, get rich color effect. Such as a series of warm color package, the base near the vision to do a negative color ( Cold color) A new selling point processing, will be eye-catching. But the actual planning process, should pay attention to cannot a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, cannot abuse blindly. Composite bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags

eight edge sealing zipper bags packed with flat planning must not blindly, planning out the packaging can have clear identification in the product competition, whether can very well mark product content, all the elements of planning is to reconcile, effectively shows that the quality of the products and quantity, whether by product class, under the different market, different display environment is full of vitality, you want to get to these requests, you need food company operators and planners study planning and common sense, understand the market, understand the mind of the consumer, as long as such talent planning out consumer favorite packaging.
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