How much do you know packaging printing common problems?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Dumplings in our lives is a everyone love to eat food, when people have an appetite for this dish are perhaps everyone like this dish, but others because of the shape of the dumpling and changeful beautiful or elegant packaging. In super freezers on dumplings are usually take a small pouch packaging, so convenient for customers to choose and use. Now, small make up to you to say is packaging printing problems, hui hua packaging professional to provide quality dumpling bags of all kinds of food packaging bags, such as the following is a common problem packaging printing. A, wrong version of the packaging need to pay attention to the wrong version, foreign body in the process of printing, color, color and so on. Wrong version, refers to the packaging for when printed edition is not accurate, appear the wrong version of the phenomenon, namely we often say 'double eyelid' ghosting phenomenon. Second, the color word, refers to the packaging printing scraper no pressure, a foreign body in printing ink, plate-making version when polishing not good. Three, foreign bodies, foreign bodies, is refers to the packaging printing workshop need to be paid attention to health, such as dust fall into ink will cause foreign body, affect beautiful four, color: looks fuzzy pattern, the main reason for the scraper didn't pressure, plate-making when polishing not good. To sum up, food packaging products, such as packaging design, all aspects of raw materials, manufacturing, quality inspection of choose and buy is not falling, fire makes sweet malt. General process is a design, plate making, printing, composite, steps, such as curing, pouch making, cutting pouch cannot be bothered, every step requires packaging manufacturer and staff proficiency and careful attention.
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