How many Huihua coffee packaging bag are sold per year?
The annual sales volume is quite positive. With the development of society, the demand for coffee packaging bag is growing in the market, which leads to the popularity of Huihua which focuses on creating beautiful products for decades. Since the launch of the product, it has attracted more and more attention from domestic and foreign customers, resulting in greater annual sales.

The main focus of Huihua is to integrate design, manufacture, sales and service together. The custom printed pouches series is one of the main products of Guangzhou Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd.. The product's unparalleled features due to its stable performance and powerful features have been widely praised by customers. It is environmentally friendly as its materials are easily recycled. The product is deeply trusted by customers in the industry due to its wide application prospects. It is tasteless and odor-free, imparting no detectable taste or odor to foodstuffs.

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