How about sales of flat bottom bag under Huihua?
There is no exact data here. Such information might be revealed when a reliable partnership is established. We sell flat bottom bag in domestic and international markets. Our sales have increased year by year. This makes us more competitive in the market.
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With large factory and high capacity, Guangdong Guangzhou Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. has ability to supply big quantity and deliver Generic Packaging Bag on time. The three side seal bag series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. Huihua printed packaging bags is the outcome of scientific knowledge. The theory of human engineering and the features of pool cleaning are taken into consideration in its design. It can serve ass a vacuum bag, moisture-proof bag, shielding bag, etc. This work tool helps employees increase working productivity in their office as well as reducing time in solving trifle things. It is tasteless and odor-free, imparting no detectable taste or odor to foodstuffs.

We actively respond to environmental issues. During the production, the wastewater will be treated by advanced waste management facilities to reduce pollution and energy resources will be used more effectively.

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