How about sales of flat bottom bag of Huihua Packaging?
You can of course contact our sales staff for the flat bottom bag sales or you can have a look at the manufacturing in person. This is strong evidence of earnings. Due to its excellent performance and wide range of uses, the product is currently very famous in the world. We are proud to be your trusted partner. This lays a good foundation for business.
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The capacity for stand up pouch is big enough to supply many customers at same time. The custom printed pouches series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The design of Huihua stand up pouch considers how thread count, fabric type and denier (fiber thickness) will affect the overall performance, and the decisions are made based on how this product will be used. It has been exported to many countries including Thailand and Africa. Adopting such design, custom printed pouches is provided with many merits like custom printed stand up pouches and so on. It comes in optional styles, such as stand-up pouches and flat pouches.

We have successfully integrated sustainability into our business strategy. We mainly focus on cost reductions from energy use, waste management, and commuting practices, as well as social actions like volunteering campaigns.

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