How about Huihua Packaging R&D team?
In Guangzhou Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd., we highly focus on technology innovation as we deeply know that technology will take us to a high position in the global market. We set up an R&D team consisting of industry experts and senior technicians owning rich experience in developing products like stand up bags for food . Their rich knowledge in the industry and practical experience give us strong supports in developing new products on a regular basis. They thirst for updated knowledge and keep learning from worldly famous brands so as to make the developed products stand out.

Huihua is highly valued by more customers due to its advanced production line. The flat bottom bag series is one of the main products of Huihua Packaging. Huihua stand up pouch is produced under mature equipment. The automatic cutting machines for fabric and the folded machines which can make the fabric in a smaller roll are adopted. It features non-absorbency and is proof against grease, oil, water, and other liquids. The product has excellent performance and stable quality. It can be made of kraft paper, compound materials, or aluminized foil.

Since entering the foreign market, Huihua Packaging has been sticking to high standards. Check now!
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