How about Huihua Packaging logistics distribution system?
Guangzhou Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd. has an old logistics supply system that figures out the many economical and effective method to support our business plans. Efficient transportation is accomplished for quicker delivery of the merchandise. Complex logistics supply platform helps us expand into new markets.

As a professional company, we fully comply with international standards to produce child resistant pouches. The flat bottom bag series is one of the main products of Huihua Packaging. During the manufacturing of Huihua custom printed stand up pouches, real-time quality inspection is conducted. The tests of resistance to temperature, pressure, shock, water, and moisture are finished at the final production stage. It is preferable for food, daily necessities, stationery, toys, chemical products, etc. Since we always adhere to the 'quality first', the quality of the products is fully guaranteed. Its materials are non-reactive with virtually all foods, drugs and cosmetics.

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