High temperature cooking bags surface wrinkling factors after sterilization

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
High-temperature cooking bags of sterilization after surface wrinkling factors found surface wrinkling phenomenon should be carefully observed and make an accurate analysis, if the printing substrate on the longitudinal, horizontal or no regularity of wrinkles. Mainly from the three consider analysis: a. Printing when the drying temperature is too high, rolling constant tension winding with inconsistent, rolling tension deformation is too big PET film. b。 Winding coil roll paper core is not smooth, winding product volume increases constantly, longitudinal or transverse buckling will occur at the bottom of the winding, make originally smooth printing base material is not smooth, this kind of phenomenon to crinkle in the composite process is not easy to eliminate. c。 A foreign body printing roll traction or too dirty, printing substrate through lateral sliding, foreign body when sliding base material after embossing roller, are generated frown, the wrinkles have regularity, a have no one. The solution: a. According to actual printing workshop temperature and humidity, machine speed, depth adjustment of drying temperature effect pattern. For most high temperature cooking bags to print the nylon for 15 microns, PET is 12 microns, therefore suggested that the drying temperature of 40 and 60 ℃ is preferred. Drying temperature is too high, thin film is succumbing to high temperature and deformation, stretching, softening phenomenon. Adjust the constant tension winding and rolling, now has a high-speed gravure printing has produced automatically adjust the tension controller, when over the limit or the set value, automatic alarm, automatic adjustment is very convenient. b。 In exchange for a smooth circular tube, and pay attention to the smoothness when winding, winding tension is smaller at the beginning, then slowly increase the tension when thickness reaches a certain value, so that winding is not phenomenon to crinkle. c。 There will be a foreign body traction roller is wiped clean. When the base material with composite substrate surface to crinkle, poor smoothness, factors are: a. Printing substrate itself or by printing crinkle to crinkle cannot eliminate; b。 When hot steel roller ends when pressure is inconsistent or composite matrix, PE, CPP degree of thickness deviation is bigger, when deviation 10 microns to appear this kind of crimple phenomenon; c。 When winding composite finished product at the bottom of the tension is too small, the tension is too large, a phenomenon happened by after extrusion. Solution: a. Strictly control the printing quality. b。 Adjust the steel roller pressure to equilibrium state and composite matrix deviation, try not to wear less as far as possible when compound in the middle of the aluminum foil traction roll, in order to prevent the fracture phenomenon; c。 Adjust the winding tension, try to be consistent. When the creases the base material, intermediate article has bubbles form, mostly dry compound tension didn't control good, when the tension is too large, pull too tight. In NY/PE or NY/al/CPP most likely to occur, especially the nylon base material. Rolling tension is too large, if the thermal shrinkage and deformation during drying tunnel and the finished product after cooling will produce the phenomenon; Adhesive solution and the effect of coating the high-temperature cooking bags of dry solid content must reach 4. 5 g/m2, network cable roller generally choose 80 mu m deep, if produce uneven coating, or poor quality of adhesive solution itself, can not stand high temperature boiling is easy to produce adhesive solution in water after separated from base material, reduce its fastness. Solution: a. Rolling tension adjustment, under the condition of solvent volatilization completely not high temperature drying, as far as possible in order to avoid deformation and cooling contraction; b。 Raise levels of homework, choose a large quantity of dry solid glue solution, generally when the solid content at 75%, 30% concentration is pretty good. c。 Choose professional adhesive high temperature resistant, it is forbidden to ordinary plastic fluid coating. More knowledge of high temperature cooking bags: WWW. p10000。 Cn customized high temperature cooking bags: 13650118600
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