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by:Huihua     2020-02-24
The material of the composite food packaging bag is composed of 2 to 4 layers of plastic materials, and the material matching of the packaging bag requires professionals with certain experience, in order to match * * * cost-effective material combinations within the effective range of the budget. Let's first introduce the first layer of material for food packaging bags: the main function of the printing layer on the outer layer is to display and promote copywriting information, generally BOPP (Bright Film)BOPP (Matt or extinction)PET (White film)Nylon (White film) People who have made bags all know that the contract also says the thickness of these materials. BOPP is the most widely used. Most bags in supermarkets are printed with BOPP. Vacuum material printing film PET and (PA) Nylon, tea packaging vacuum use PET more, because the price is much cheaper than nylon, nylon used in boiled or retort bags, General chicken legs, dried beans, nylon is used on some cooked foods such as shredded bamboo shoots for high temperature sterilization from 90 ℃ to 120 ℃. Of course, ink is also high temperature resistant ink. The middle layer is generally made of PET, PET (Aluminized)Aluminum foil. PET (Aluminized) And aluminum foil, their role is to increase the sealing performance and beauty of the bag, such as potato chip bag nitrogen, nuts inside the deoxidizer is the use of PET (Aluminized)To increase the sealing degree. The aluminum foil material is completely shading and high temperature resistant. Now many bags are made of aluminum foil. I personally prefer to use aluminum foil material. The reason is that the aluminum foil has very high barrier property and air tightness, the taste of the product will not change after long-term storage. However, the aluminum foil material also has defects, that is, the bag type is not beautiful and creased after being squeezed. I believe that in the future, aluminum foil will be accepted by more and more consumers. In addition ( Silver paper used in paper grilled fish in major restaurants is aluminum foil) The heat seal layer is also the material of the innermost layer, which can discard the middle layer. These materials are PE, CPP, and these two are the most common. Manufacturers of high-quality seasoning packaging bags and bean products packaging bags Linfen aluminum foil packaging bags have a remarkable feature compared with other packaging bags such as retort pouch and boiled pouch, that is, there are many types, and different materials and structures lead to great differences in functions, according to different classification standards, it can be divided into many types. Next, let's look at the classification. Aluminum foil can be divided into rolled aluminum foil and flaky aluminum foil by shape. Most of the aluminum foil deep processing wool is supplied in a roll, and only a few handicraft packaging occasions use sheet-like aluminum foil. Aluminum foil can be divided into hard foil, semi-hard foil and soft foil according to the state. (1) hard foil: not softened after rolling (Annealing) The aluminum foil, without degreasing treatment, has a residual surface. Therefore, hard foil must be degreased before printing, bonding and coating, and can be used directly if it is used for forming. (2) semi-hard foil: aluminum foil hardness (Or strength) Aluminum foil between hard foil and soft foil is usually used for forming. (3) soft foil: aluminum foil softened by full annealing after rolling. The material is soft. The high-temperature cooking packaging bag must finally withstand the test of the packaging process of the contents and the previous sterilization process, which has a great impact on it. Finally, the finished product after packaging and sterilization must have a flat bag surface, and the packaging material itself has no shrinkage, wrinkling, foaming, delamination, leakage and other phenomena. Select appropriate materials and structures according to the morphology and properties of the contents, such as solid, liquid or solid-liquid mixed state, different material structures should be selected, meat contents with bones and thorns must not puncture the bag when cooked at a high temperature of about 121 degrees. If the acidity and alkalinity of the contents are different, the material structure and material specifications of the bag should also be adjusted according to the needs. After the food companies use the retort pouch in batches, the performance of the retort pouch should be confirmed through simulation tests. Due to the influence of the physical and chemical properties of the contents, new substances may be generated due to changes under high temperature, which may penetrate between layers of retort pouch and thus cause the decline of packaging performance of retort pouch. Select the appropriate packaging sealing temperature to make the sealing firm. Packaging containers are playing an increasingly important role in the current environment. We order a take-out on the Internet, including lunch boxes. Tableware is packed beautifully, whether it is for current consumers or for people around us, they are all full of grades, and in this era of information sharing, people's curiosity can always be aroused to resonate with their hearts, the creative packaging can cause the consumer group to follow the trend, punch the card, and share '. Rice bags are no exception. Rice packaging bags are divided into woven bags and plastic bags. Rice woven bags have better load-bearing and lower cost, but they are easy to be affected with damp and deteriorate, have shorter storage time, and have relatively single printing and packaging styles. It is suitable for scenarios such as hotels, restaurants, and company canteens that consume a lot of money and do not require long-term storage. With the quickening pace of people's life, people in first-tier and second-tier cities choose fast food on weekdays and only cook on weekends, so the consumption of rice is not very large.
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