Heat-seal strength of hui hua packing: packed in plastic bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Heat-seal strength method for determination of plastic packaging bags are: 1, production sample. In plastic film bags on the back side, and at the top or bottom, and a thermal part into vertical direction to office take sample, as their bags on the back side, and at the top or bottom of a thermal sample ( Every slice the sample 10 parts from at least 5 on the plastic film pouch) 。 Sample (width 15±0. 1) Mm, length is ( 1000±1) mm。 But when can't get to the spread of length ( 100±1) Mm sample, cohere with cellophane cohere belt and pouch of the same material, make a sample of length ( 100±1) mm。 2, state of adjustment. Sample should be done in the following environment at least 4 h state regulation. Temperature ( 23±2) ℃, relative humidity often wet state. 3, sample procedures. After state to adjust the sample to the sealing area as the center line, launched a 180 °, the ends of the sample were caught in testing machine ( XLW intelligent electronic tensile testing machine) Two jigs, should make the sample the vertical axis and the top and bottom fixture center collocated, and the consistence, in case the sample slip and fracture in the fixture. Adjust the distance between the clamp and set the test speed to ( 300±20) Mm/min, start the tests and automatically force value judgment, when Fn + 1 & gt; Fn, hosting Fn + 1 value; When Fn + 1 70% Fn judgment or less downtime. During the trial, if the test sample is broken in the fixture, the sample invalid, the other sample to fill do. Fault sealing, at the end of the material itself, the situation the sealing strength is greater than the plastic film tensile force, should be consider the production process. Plastic bags, plastic bags, plastic packaging manufacturers hui hua hui China packaging national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat synchronization
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