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by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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the food available in the market a lot of a lot of natural use of the outer packing, food packing pouch is selling requires the food circulation, with the continuous development of industry, the new food bag, plastic packaging products emerge in endlessly, yes the price of the outer packing is rising, use of food packaging manufacturer this how best to save the packaging cost? We should pay attention to what?
as a production research and development production of food packaging, custom bags and other plastic composite film source of flexible packaging products manufacturers, no matter where you are packing for custom, we need to remind you need to notice in the river some manufacturer shoddy, adopt the ship took somebody else abroad without plastic film called & other; The garbage & throughout; Recycled directly made into all kinds of plastic bag, food bag, this speak directly about your fundamental interests.
custom food packaging mainly on several points: 1, packaging material is used in the new plastic film, some manufacturer secondary material is used in order to reduce costs for processing production, greatly reduce the * of products, affordable, here the secondary material is known as the reworked material or the garbage, is the recycling of plastic crushing, washing and then processed into making plastic masterbatch, use the reworked material or the spam does not know what used to be used for processed has became an entirely new appearance, it don't know what's in the process of using * residual ingredients can penetrate directly or through contact can produce tremendous environmental and *; 2, whether to adopt in the process of compound printing orders * environmental printing ink and glue and glue, avoid solvent residue caused food poisoning or food spoilage, etc. ; 3, in the production of food packaging workshop whether do clean harmless; 4, packaging production process whether there is a strict examination; 5, manufacturers must in advance before use to try and avoid large quantities of used caused more damage.
custom packaging should pay more attention to, learn more, shop around I believe you will choose to * suitable business partners!
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