Gualapack, Packaging Systems, to Open a New Site

by:Huihua     2020-06-16
Less than 2 years after having opened a good solid production facility in Romania and a JV in USA in 2011, Gualapack proceeds with its international deployment and opens, in September 2013, a new production site in San Jose, Costa. The selection for Costa Rica comes from the country unique geographical situation with a right away access towards the 2 oceans circling the South American continent. Gualapack Panama and nicaragua , will produce the complete Cheerpack DP range, a spouted stand up pouch, particularly adapted and appreciated for your fruit puree, baby food (together the particular Gualapack patented anti-choking BabyCap), dairy snacks, beverages or sauces and condiments. The facility, using a covered the surface of around 6,500 sqm involving a total surface of 7,000 sqm, is already operative with nearly 30 employees. Gualapack Costa Rica productions are aimed to the complete Central-South American continent (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Honduras, well.) and shall, within 2017, employee more than 160 citizens. Gualapack Costa Rica is part of the GualapackGroup. THE NEW GUALAPACK PLANT IN ROMANIA HAVE BEEN VALIDATED BY CUSTOMERS In January 2012, after 10 months of operation, the tough validation associated with the new Nadab Gualapack manufacturing plant - led teams of auditors from main customers, with the goal of verifying the new operation's power to guarantee proper levels of quality and reliability in the supply of Cheerpack packaging - recently been successfully launched. Validation by important multinational companies, just one year after you have planned establish a new plant, represents for Gualapack an important achievement and it is also a milestone on the trail to increasing Gualapack's production capacity. The Nadab plant was actually built while using same standards of today's Gualapack plant in Alessandria, and is, in all respects, a clone. Can be strategically located between Western and Eastern Europe, and 3 precise, strategic targets are behind the development of the new production gps. The first target meets the ever growing need for Gualapack to raise production method to to carry on with with the rapid associated with the company and require for Cheerpack pouches. Although the Headquarter and initially production plant remain in Alessandria, firm has chosen to increase its capacity as well, by setting up a new plant which reflects the organizational model and high quality standards of Gualapack. The second target end up being to increase further the level of service to customers. Caused by the new plant Gualapack can now guarantee greater reactivity in delivering customers and is suffering from a contingency plan in case of force majeure parties. Lastly, the Nadab plant gives the corporation the chance confirm the commitment in internationalizing the GualapackGroup, currently on this market with production sites in Europe, the usa and cina. This widespread, International coverage allows the group to are major role in the flexible packaging market.
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