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At the recent eco-Gift Festival in Santa Monica, Uber\'s Tom shka
EcoPreneur, sit down for an interview with Green Hollywood.
Szaky, founder of TerraCycle, was both a guest speaker and a supplier at the event.
Arianna Huffington, also a special speaker at the festival, packed the room with people standingroom-
Only a group of fans
Arianna Huffington took a photo with the ecological gift \"stoplirosen\": Janice Belson/Medicines global musicians, including Jackson Brown, also lent the three by the way --
Extra pizzeria.
Suppliers specializing in the sale of eco
Friendly products from EcoGift.
Jackson Brown and Tom Freund
Image source: Derek gostraklish did not see the garbage in the eyes of onlookers.
We have heard this axiom before.
Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle, made his point: he can\'t see garbage.
Szaky said: \"There is actually no such thing as \'garbage. \'garbage is a concept that was invented about 100.
\"It looks like he knows what he\'s talking about. His four-year-
The turnover of old New Jersey-based company TerraCycle is $8-
The range for this year is 10 million.
But Szaky, who is not a big thinker, says that when his novel \"recycling\" business starts operations for millions or even billions of dollars, it will become interesting and interesting in scope.
Too much garbage. Oops!
A large amount of raw materials are converted into marketable, saleable consumer goods.
Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods and other large retail chains are all distributors of his products.
Wal-Mart is known for having state-of-the-art consumer goods distribution systems, as a manufacturer, unless you \'ve set everything up and considered everything to pass.
But the real genius behind Tom\'s terrorist activities is: companies like Frito --
Ray Hershey, Starbucks and Kraft not only paid him to collect and use the candy wrappers and juice drink bags they discarded, he also offered to build manufacturing facilities for him in continents such as Brazil and Europe. He will help them do some useful things, not to mention eco.
Their rubbish is friendly.
\"We have eliminated the idea of garbage through design,\" he said . \" He pointed out that they soon got the nickname \"the person who went for the garbage.
\"Companies like P & G, Nabisco and Honest Tea pay TerraCycle to collect and use their polymers --
Indestructible landfill, candy wrapping paper, juice bags and core bags.
They actually wrote him six.
Figure check to do this once.
\"The economic benefits of waste are amazing.
\"Waste is the country\'s largest material economy,\" Szaky said . \".
Another way of looking at landfill sites, he noted, is by poorly managed warehouses.
There is no value in the definition of waste.
But garbage is valuable.
Waste, he says, is the only item he has ever seen that people are willing to spend their money to throw away.
Usually, these goods are very valuable.
TerraCycle began making handbags, pencil cases and lunch boxes with recycled Capri Sun juice bags, chipsA-
Delicious cookies package and Honest Tea ice tea bag for honest kids.
\"When we first started the project, we went to Capri and asked them if we could do things with the beverage bags they had discarded --
Because of trademark and intellectual property issues around Packaging
Their reaction was to cut us six points.
\"Digital checks,\" he recalls.
TerraCycle transferred 52 million juice bags in the first year. 4.
Throw away 5 billion juice bags a year.
Since then, beverage bag brigadewe has set up the beverage bag brigade, a \"reverse Netflix\" at 20,000 locations across the United StatesS.
They have collection points for people to put down their used drink bags.
They pay 2 cents per bag to the charity of your choice, the shipping cost is free and you can register for it on the TerraCycle website.
\"We want to solve the recycling problem through business,\" Szaky said . \".
In this sense, he embraced the \"reward system\" of green business, not guilt --trip tack.
\"Our landfill is Wal-Mart.
\"We repackaged our own garbage and sold it to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target,\" he explained . \".
When Szaky was a freshman at Princeton University not long ago, he began to use TerraCycle as a \"worm poop factory \".
Now he is trading with companies like Brooks Brothers.
For him, he took their scrap and made designer quality bags for Purina and Friskies from the \"scrap\" material, and even Warner Brothers
He designed and made a bag of 35mm movies for him.
Tom Szaky, Founder/CEO terrclebetter cheaper GreenerIn, in this economic environment, what is the different way people like Szaky do to keep them away from the crowd and makePaige Donner;
Do you have to do a lot of arms?
Twisted to do business with these big companies?
Tom Szaky: the opposite.
We never received \"no \".
This is the easiest thing to sell because the products they produce end up being waste.
Let\'s come in and say, look.
We will take your waste away and turn it into something new. It\'s a slam-dunk, no-brainer.
Really, about 30 megabytes.
Global joint ventures that control all related brands.
When I say the relevant brand, I mean like Windex or WD-
40, some brands really blow.
We have more or less partnerships with all of these companies.
We are really creating a system around all the garbage.
Then put all these materials into production for free, produce them into products, and then sell them at the world\'s largest retailer.
Ironically, by making products out of waste, so far you can make the greenest products in the world, and it\'s cheaper and better, but most importantly, it\'s cheaper.
The price of all our products is not high.
PD: What\'s the difference between your attitude towards the green business and the many companies you see here, for example at the eco gift Festival?
TS: We are a very different company in the green field because we are concerned about waste, but we are also trying to work with the largest company in the world.
Also, our idea is so intuitive to win that it flies up the chainof-
Among these big companies, we got approval very quickly.
Even internally, the people we worked with told us that they had never seen their organization say \"yes\" so quickly because it was such a great victory.
PD: can you find some remedies in how to implement the \"green business\" strategy?
TS: I have some issues with the current green business campaign.
One is that people trying to change these big companies are entering and not necessarily offering something that is a big win for the company.
They provide things like offset your carbon, build green roofs, and these things, many times, are an economic expense.
You have to spend money to do the right thing for the environment.
In our case, yes, you have to spend money, but we will make more money for them than they put money into TV.
People will only buy more products.
The same is true in retail.
I mean, the two biggest challenges facing the green business community are, look at where we are [
EcoGift music festival in Santa Monica
: People like to keep short in shape, they have this kind of fetish for short in shape, and they have this anger for short in shape, I think this is a big mistake, because you will not change the world in this way.
The same is true of premium pricing and changing consumer habits.
Green People will say you should use
You should spend more money.
If they want to create real change, the green business community should not say \"shameful\" to you \".
Szaky\'s wife, Soyeon Lee, imitated a terrorist costume at her Carnegie Hall piano recital.
PD: What are the key things to remember in our efforts to achieve green economic development?
TS: if we want to make this economy completely green, the key is that you have to do this without people even knowing it\'s happening, completely under the surface.
Nowadays, most green products are sold with the advantage of green.
But the final green products are those that you don\'t even have to say they are green.
Of course, it\'s a good thing to have it and it\'s a great thing to have it, but that\'s not the main reason I bought the product.
This solution must be available in every store, Wal-Mart is the target.
People shop there.
Currently, Szaky operates his sewing factory in the Texas-Mexico border area and plans to expand globally. His main.
In the economically depressed New Jersey community, the office is deliberately repainted by graffiti artists every few weeks.
\"Every few weeks, we have a whole new building,\" he said . \"
He doesn\'t have a lot of staff incentive plans to talk about so far, but we\'ll keep checking at the beginning --
Mature to a complete
Sustainable global business.
The green product score activity logo for Eco gift Festival 08 is made of recyclable, reusable or biodegradable materials.
Campaign promotional materials printed on \"green printer\" with vegetables
Ink and recycled paper.
Food sold during the event is packaged in biodegradable, compostable food vessels and requires the use of biodegradable corn starch or potato plates and utensils.
The implementation of the carbon offset program reduces emissions from equipment, heating/cooling, transportation and electricity.
Pure water free-
On-site and will be provided in biodegradable cups to eliminate plastic bottles.
Former Szaky graffiti
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