Gravure cylinder gold processing should comply with the quality requirements?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Gravure cylinder gold processing should comply with the quality requirements? 1. The diameter of the gravure roller error should be controlled in plus or minus 0. 02 within 2 mm. Intaglio roller surface is smooth and no scratches, dent. 3. Wall hole size must meet the requirements, that is, the side, outside diameter size, the width and depth of keyway, etc. To meet the requirements. 4. Gravure cylinder c end tapered bore no concentricity can't more than 0. 03mm5. Dynamic balance test cannot appear phenomenon of jumping up and down, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of printing quality, also easy to produce periodic oscillation to scraper, affect the printing quality, therefore, should be carefully prepared boring hole, static balance weight, dynamic balance measurement, it is the important measure to ensure the quality of base roller. Flexible packaging bags manufacturer, hui hua packing: http://www. p10000。 Cn national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat synchronization, Wan Sheng
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