Food type specification and some characteristics of plastic packaging bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
There are many different kinds of plastic packaging bags, specifications, therefore, design and production staff are often neglected the pouch, as a result, although the design draft, but out of the finished product packaging, or even become a waste. Experience tells us that only in the understanding, on the basis of commonly used packaging products, to showcase design idea, put an end to not also pouch process design work, design a practical, perfect product packaging.
plastic bags according to the system can be divided into three edge-sealing bag way, in stereoscopic bottom sealing and sealing and crisps 4 class.

three edge sealing is around the bag sealing, positive and back size are finished size, has a certain integral feeling, design constraints, and before and after the design has a certain continuity. Due to the positive and the back size is consistent, can design a positive first, let the back and front echo. Plate is, back to arrange in the same registering the roller.

the bottom seal is sealed at the back, front size for finished product size, the back is divided into equal parts, and its width is equal to the sum of the width of the front, is on the back, when the design is usually will unfold, carries on the integration of design, and add 1 cm around each sealing side, is, back at the same registering the roller.

in the three-dimensional seal is at the end of the seal, on the basis of the stereotactic edge on both sides, back, side 3 surface also are in the same registering the roller.

sheet stock due to the limitation of printed materials, its positive and negative must be designed separately, separate plate, not appear in the same registering the roller at the same time. Custom bags, tea bags

some characteristics of the plastic bags:

1, the strength is big, unit strength is very big, has strong impact resistance.
2, resistant to acid and alkali, chemical performance is stable, plastic bags are not afraid of acid and alkali corrosion.
3, insulation, won't produce electrostatic, security is very good.
4, low energy consumption, forming the energy consumed by the few, the processing cost is low.
5, density is small, the quality of the plastic bag is very light, won't produce weight after packaging.
6, transparency, plastic bags have good transparency, and also can be used according to need to be dyed.
7, anti-oxidation, placed for a long time will not affect its performance, service life is longer.
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