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by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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at present, shandong, tianjin, Beijing and other plastic pouch usage across the country is very big, especially is widely used for food bag just serving food. Plastic bag manufacturers, points out that due to the material of plastic bags, etc. There was a big difference in price, recommend that users should pay attention to when buying, the use of plastic bags.
a lot of people said, in the supermarket to buy food packaging bags are more quality assurance. Used for food bag needs to have the complete packaging, plastic bags have a clear the basic information of the site name, product material, at the same time bearing & other; Used for food & throughout; Words, using range is suitable for the microwave, suitable temperature and other specific data. These qualified plastic bags, usually with a polyethylene ( PE) Made, colorless, high transparency, flexibility, like there's a layer of wax surface.
food bags, because of its ingredients for polyethylene, just under 110 degrees Celsius is not easy to decompose, so the temperature does not exceed 100 degrees Celsius water into the food, generally no problem. Even so, experts remind consumers of China plastics processing industry association plastic bags hot food can not exceed 100 degrees, like a special food bag, don't put into the microwave, * to use the microwave heating food special dishes.
for food packaging bags, experts suggest consumer is when the choose and buy, pay attention to the material of plastic packaging bags and other basic information, when use should also be used in accordance with the applicable scope of the plastic product labeling. Especially pay attention to can't use a plastic pouch containing toxins or heat packs to canned food. To correctly use plastic bags, make plastic bags have the effect of improving human life, rather than become a danger to people healthy.
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