Food packaging bags design spirit of tea ceremony

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
About a variety of Chinese tea ceremony spirit, the latest, widely recognized that - — 'Clear, quiet, elegant, and'. In modern packaging design of tea ceremony spirit of excellent work, in the 'wild teahouse' food packaging in packaging design, with black at the bottom, the white bird in a cage and a red seal is the main image of line, images have a lot of space, the overall unity in a quiet tone black, give a person the sense with quiet, elegant and free from vulgarity, embodies the spirit of the tea ceremony. 'And' is the soul of the Chinese tea ceremony, is the core the philosophy of the Chinese tea ceremony, is also common to Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism philosophy. And the phase modulation of Yin and Yang, and five lines of symbiosis, and is the middle way, and is the 'nature and humanity'. Tea ceremony 'and' is 'to Confucianism, tries hard to cure heart Buddha to oneself' of Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism three measures. The Chinese tea ceremony is a process through the tea things, lead in the process of the individuals in the United States to complete the character accomplishment, in order to realize a loving way. Liu yu pointed out that in the 'saint', every tea has nine difficult 'build, don't, apparatus, fire, water, at the end of the main,, cook, drink', thus the tea matter activity is comprehensive, coordinated 'tea, water, apparatus, fire,' the elements of a complex process; The process of boiled tea is based on the five elements of basic water fire and earth and achieve a harmonious balance process. The concept of penetrating the essence of Chinese five thousand years long history culture, is the Chinese culture in enrichment and spread of tea. Longjing tea packing in green, elegant is tonal reflect the longjing is located - — Jiangnan region characteristic food packaging bags, the design of the bamboo tube of primitive simplicity does not lose contemporary sense, in particular, lifted the lid on the back of the character and background design is very good, the two scholars is sit on the floor in the beauty of nature, tea, for the following. Tea and chess, of nature and man, man and one. This work is a boutique in food packaging packaging design.
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