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by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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send China packaging products have the following types:
1, food packaging bags according to the scope of its application and the special requirements of different products can be divided into: about ordinary food packaging bags, custom food packaging bags, plastic food packaging bags, boiled food packaging bags and functional food packaging bags, cooking food.
2, plastic tags include: tag, mineral water, beverage, PVC thermal shrinkage, monolayer BOPP film plastic tags, pearl film plastic tags, double composite plastic tags ( BOPP/CPP, BOPP film) , chemical products use plastic label, laser composite membrane plastic tags ( Detergent plastic tag, pesticides, plastic, pesticide use plastic tags)
3, food with custom bags: can be divided into common custom boiled custom bags, high temperature cooking bags, custom bags, aluminum foil three-layer composite custom bags, high temperature resistant sex custom bags, etc. Can be ordered according to the different products demand different type bag ( Three autoregulating, self-reliance, back closure, organ bags, zipper, the form of different)
4, all kinds of food, medical chemical use roll film, plastic composite film: film generally applied to the automatic packaging machine manufacturer, we can give you customized printing roll film, then the customer to the sealing packing.
5, heterotypic pouch: mainly includes the independent suction nozzle belt, zipper bag, bag, independent suction nozzle belt, zipper self-reliance bags, mainly used in laundry detergent, fruit juice, jelly, children zipper self-supporting pouch like red jujube, sugar products commonly used more widely. The
6, the company long-term supply all kinds of cosmetic industry special detergent bags, laundry bags, detergent, laundry detergent dedicated independent suction nozzle bag tags
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