The flat bottom bags have high share in the packaging market for the bag. It’s the innovative alternative to a folding carton or corrugated box that can package anything that would traditionally go in a box with an inner bag such as rice, tea, coffee, cereal and many more. But unlike a bulky box with an ineffective inner liner, flexible box bags have a small footprint and keep products fresh longer.


Thanks to its sturdy level bottom, the flat bottom bags offer shelf stability and becoming the common form of display packaging. They are very easy to fill and present the product visibly due to the transparent foil. The buyer can precisely inspect the good without destroying the packaging and can even compare it with samples that may be on-hand. The flat bottom bags are universally useable.


And compared with the stand up pouches, the flat bottom mimics a box, allowing the pouch to stand effectively, while side gussets provide more space for labels and branding than traditional stand up pouches.


We offer the flat bottom bag from 2oz to 20LB, that could be printed in up to 12 colors, and is available in clear, metalized, and foil structures. Functional zipper tops complete our flexible box bags, guaranteeing that your customers can easily reach their fresh, favorite products again and again.

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