Dried fruit dried fruit becomes a packet a catty puyang citizens reflect pre-packaged food

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
On March 5, puyang citizens, dial morning post hotline report said ms wu, a few days ago, she bought some dried fruit shop near the village wrapped nuts, although the packaging is very delicate, can be found after open, a serious shortage of some of these dried fruit weight, others directly shoddy. Although these nuts spent no money, but I still want to let's morning to remind citizens, buy pre-packaged food must also carefully selected. Ms wu said.

consumer: quantity is little not bad packaging manufacturer

at noon on March 5, the reporter comes to ms wu is located in the garden at home in the future. Ms wu said, a few days ago, she bought a dry goods store near neighborhood walnut, red dates, peanuts and other nuts, there has been no open after redemptive home. She found out after 5 in the morning, and opened the package, the dried fruit metamorphism of metamorphism, shell, shell, can eat really few.

the reporter sees, ms wu to buy red jujube are tastefully packed, on top of the bag printed with xinjiang jade dates and net content of 500 g logo. In addition, through the packaging, the reporter can see clearly revealed the red jujube appearance and size. On such a beautiful packaging, however, is not the manufacturer name, more do not have any business contact phone number and address.

reporter open the red jujube packaging, only in addition to the outer packing transparent areas show the dates of big, infrared, all the rest of the red head is small, and there are bug eat by moth. Put red jujube on electronic weighing, but found that clearly marked with 500 g of red jujube actual weight is 416 g, only more than 20% less than the weight of the logo.

reporter respectively to observe the ms wu again buy walnuts and peanuts. I saw the two products is indicated on the packing pouch of shen county a agricultural enterprises of liaocheng city in shandong province manufacturer name and address, logo and accompanied by the production license. Just look from the exterior, packing many formal than red jujube. However, only to find that after some walnut peel away, walnut looks in good condition, the nut is already black, mildew. Into the mouth to taste and feel bitter taste.


can return but it's ok to purchase channels

at around 13 on, journalists and ms wu, come to the fruit shop, to buy dried fruits, tell the owner did and will be black, mildew dried fruits appear in front of the owner. The shopkeeper said, ms wu has indeed from their store to buy the dried fruit such as peanut, red jujube. For dried fruits appear quality problem, the shop owner said I'm very sorry, and is willing to ms wu to refund the cost of purchasing dried fruit spent. But for dried fruit sources, the owner said no problem for certain, happen may be caused by the custom packaging is lax. Custom bags, tea bags

consumer society:

to ask for bill to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests after trading

problems, according to ms wu is a reflection of the reporter dialed 12315 complaints. Personnel warns customer, quantitative packaging products should pay attention to a lot of choose and buy, in addition to check is complete and packaged food packaging labeling specification, best before payment on-site weighing, look have achieved on packaging label of net content. In addition, the transaction must pay attention to ask for bill, keep notes, once, the phenomenon of shoddy, to meet but a sin to should call 12315 complaints in a timely manner.
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