Design custom fresh frozen packaging bag

by:Huihua     2020-02-24
Appearance plays a decisive role in some things. Today we mainly discuss how important the appearance of food bags is. 【Food packaging] In this era of beauty and value, the appearance of both characters and commodities is very important. People sell a piece of skin than a piece of face goods, people have a good-looking appearance. No matter what they do, people will always think of TA. The same is true for the outer packaging of our products. Not long ago, foreign friends did such an experiment, the same food produced by the same manufacturer is packed in two completely different packages, and the price is the same. In the supermarket shopping shelves, people almost choose to buy the packaging that is more conspicuous, but the packaging is simple and almost no one cares, this shows the importance of packaging on one side. Although people always say that they should refuse over-packaging, only packaging can attract consumers to buy the same thing for the first time. What we have to do is to do a good job in our own products and at the same time, we have to think about the packaging and do the most favorable marketing methods, we can't blindly lower the packaging standard, thus missing the * * * opportunity for product sales. Design customized fresh frozen packaging bags Heshan strength manufacturers whenever customers consult vacuum packaging bags, we will ask customers if they need printing? How many colors are printed? For customers who order vacuum bags for the first time, they will be very confused. Why should vacuum bags be printed? Non-printed vacuum packaging bags are usually called Universal vacuum packaging bags, because there is no logo printing, which can be used by any manufacturer, and the product information can be reflected by putting certificates, etc, the cost of universal vacuum packaging bags is generally lower than that of color printing vacuum packaging bags. The printed vacuum packaging bag is generally customized according to customer requirements, and the LOGO of the customer company, product information, factory address, contact phone number, product composition and other relevant information can be printed on the vacuum packaging bag. On the one hand, the customer has his own company's unique LOGO, which virtually makes a live advertisement for his own company and products, which plays a role in the company's brand promotion, improving the company's popularity and enhancing the product's value. On the other hand, product printing information. The sale of vacuum rice bags is not only beautiful in appearance but also conducive to the long-term storage of rice. If the budget is not very abundant, you can choose a three-sided bag type. ( The three-sided seal can be used to save some costs) Three-sided sealing has vacuuming and non-vacuuming, vacuuming is conducive to long-term sales, and non-vacuuming is suitable for short-term sales! Finally, the material is matched: the inner bag is generally made of nylon composite pe. The outer bag is more abundant, including Kraft paper composite pet, nylon composite sub-film and nylon composite bright film, pet aluminized and so on have been purchased for pet food bags. Generally, regular manufacturers will ask about the size or materials of pet food bags. The size only needs to be tested with the manufacturers, the most troublesome thing is the determination of materials. With different materials, the quality and printing effect will be different. So how to determine the material of the bag? 1. If you have time, you can go directly to the supermarket. It can also protect the appearance of food from being damaged. It has reached the effect of full color and taste when it was just released! The unique four-sided sealing bag design can effectively prevent bursting, new printing process, highlight pattern design and trademark effect, and can design special trademarks or patterns to achieve good anti-counterfeiting effect. It can highlight the high-grade and distinctive shelf effect of products. Four-sided sealing bags are generally used to package powdered foods, nuts, dried fruits, tea and other products. Four-sided sealing bag organ bag organ bag is formed by folding the two sides of the common flat bag into the body surface of the bag, and folding the bag with the original opening Oval into an opening rectangular, because after folding, the sides of the bag are like the leaves of the tuyere, but they are closed, so this kind of bag is named organ bag. Reduced floor space. The two sides of the original flat pocket are folded inward to reduce the exposure of the two sides, thus reducing the space occupied by the packaging bag. Beautiful packaging. Through the revision of the flat pocket, the originally opened Oval bag opening was changed to a rectangular shape.
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