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Flexible packaging may be of several different types. There are several design options and features which are available. Some bags have gussets to allow a higher volume of contents, special stand-up pouches have the ability to stand up on a shelf or a refrigerator, and some have easy-opening or reclosable ziplock options. Handles are cut into or added into some.

Huihua mainly offer roll film stock and packaging bags(customized printing bag and generic packaging bag) such as ziplock flat bottom bag, ziplock stand up pouch, spout bag, ziplock four side seal bag, ziplock three side seal bag, kraft paper bag, coffee bag and fin/lap seal bag and ziplock gusset bag, which are perfect for coffee packaging, tea packaging, pet food packaging, candy packaging, spice packaging, flour packaging, dry fruit packaging, chips packaging and liquid packaging for juice, yohgurt and personal care product.

  • Qual Seal Bag
    Qual Seal Bag
    Qual seal bag is also called four side seal bag. It is also referred to as a Flat Pouch. A small 4 Side Seal Bag is also referred to as a Sachet. This bag format is a good option when package uniformity is a priority.
  • Roll Film
    Roll Film
    Huihua offers exceptionally high-quality, custom-printed roll stock with all of the advantages that digital printing technology has to offer. Whether you need to package food, coffee, cannabis, supplements, or something in between, we're here to provide the highest quality plastic packaging roll film that you can count on.
  • Qual bag with fin/lap seal
    Qual bag with fin/lap seal
    Fin seal bags come in many different shapes for a wide variety of uses. This bag has been used for many different type of products such as candies, gummy, instant noodles, and frozen dumplings. Common in the supermarket shelves is the packing Lay’s or chips as well as colorful gummy and candy grain.
  • Spout Bag
    Spout Bag
    Spouted pouches are re-closable and produced with a weld spout and a cap. These spouts can be engineered for spill control, convenience, and safety and hence suitable for a liquid range of products like beverages, sauces or cleaning agents. The size and form can be customized as per clients' needs and requirements.
  • Stand Up Bag
    Stand Up Bag
    Stand-up pouch, also known as Doypack (a trademark associated with the pouch), is a type of flexible packaging which is able to stand erect on its bottom for display, storage, and use.[1] It is a type of plastic bag but sometimes also has plastic bottle characteristics. Doypacks are commonly used for powders or ready-to-drink beverages. The bottom part of a stand-up pouch is gusseted to provide support for display or use.
  • Three Side Seal Bag
    Three Side Seal Bag
    We provide 3-side seal pouches for a wide range of markets with materials designed specific to your product's needs. 3-side seal pouches are commonly used for single serve applications ranging from nutritional supplements to instant soups. Including a pre-applied zipper can expand a 3-side seal pouch to support the versatility of a multi-use pouch
  • Fin/lap Seal Bag
    Fin/lap Seal Bag
    Fin Seal Pouches is a form fill design and is used in certain fill machine. It is available both as a finished pouch and a fin seal tubing ready configuration. Fin Seal pouches are a traditional pouch design that has been used successfully for years. Predominately associated with high speed and automatic filling environments. We sell both Fin seal ready roll stock, and fin seal bags.
  • Flat Bottom Bag
    Flat Bottom Bag
    Flat bottom flexible box bags are the innovative alternative to a folding carton or corrugated box. Unlike a bulky box with an ineffective inner liner, flexible box bags have a small footprint and keep products fresh longer. No more squeezing big boxes into the cupboard and rolling up liner bags once the product has been opened – flexible box bags make it convenient for you and your customer to store, transport, access, and consume your quality product.
  • Free Shape Bag
    Free Shape Bag
    Custom Special Shape Bags can make your product packaging unique and impressive on the shelf. Many brand owners choose to get a unique packaging of not only custom printing but also custom shape. Why? Because the special packaging is a symbol of brand strength, and it also makes your products more visible and identified in an array of colorful packagings. Custom shape plus custom printing make your packaging special to consumers which will leave a great impression on their minds.

What we need from your side for customized packaging.

Details for the inside product
Each kind of product requires different properties, they can be made with a variety of plastics films and kraft paper. Polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, etc.) is the most common. Other forms, including laminates(VMPET, AL, NY, PET, OPP, CPP and EVOH, etc) and co-extrusions can be used when the physical properties(moisture barrier, oxygen barrier, oil resistance, frozen, chemical barrier, aroma barrier, light barrier, and puncture resistance) are needed.
Let me know if you have the current size, or let me know the volume, the gram of the product and we could recommend a suitable size for you. We will also provide the hand-made free samples for you to test the size.
Artwork in AI or PSD format.
*If you do not use any of the two types above to create your artwork, please save your file in either PDF or EPS format. Please note we may not be able to modify your artwork if you are not using the program that is listed above. Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications.
Artwork Requirement-Gravure Printing.

All the text should be created in Illustrator.
Outline all your text, all text must be converted to vector file or please include all screen and printer fonts (Suitcase and Postscript fonts). All the text should be created in Illustrator.
Do not scan preprinted images.
Make sure the images are saved in CMYK mode, not RGB mode.
Make sure to include all support files separately
Make sure to include all support files separately, such as picture files and original files. Do not flatten layers in Photoshop.
Please have your logo(s) created in Illustrator or InDesign
Please have your logo(s) created in Illustrator or InDesign. Do not import your logo(s) into Photoshop unless necessary.
Always double check with the spelling
Always double-check with the spelling, please proofread all the text in your artwork prior to submission.
Please note any changes made after artwork has been submitted
Please note any changes made after artwork has been submitted may delay the process and also add to the cost.
Create white base on a separate layer named White Base
White Base - If you have any area in your artwork that needs to have a white base beneath it, please create a white base on a separate layer named White Base.
Create matte finish on a separate layer named Matte Finish
Matte Finish-If you have the area in your artwork that needs to have Matte finish on it, please create a matte finish on a separate layer named Matte Finish.
We have the Barcode software to create the barcode
We have the Barcode software to create the barcode. If you do not have the software, just provide the barcode number along with the final artwork.
Gravure Printing


We are willing to be your partner to help you resolve all the problems in heated.

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