As we know, company brand and product information can be displayed on the packaging. Custom shaped pouch that are also called die-cut shapes and free shape pouches  could provide a guaranteed way to stand out on retail shelves. It’s one of the latest creative packaging solutions, which are utilized in the food and beverage industry.


Want your product to stand out on shelves? HUIHUA pouches are the answer. We manufactures the pouches which is totally in customized shape, sizes and colors with resealable zippers, hang holes which is also called euro slots, gloss or matt finishing, laser scoring, transparent window, degassing valve, rounded corners.


Our shaped pouches can be designed to stand up or lay flat as a side seal pouch – whatever shape packages your product best. Depending on your product’s specifications, we can also provide a gusseted bottom to give the pouch more structure. A unique die cut can also be applied to the pouch bottom to help prevent the product from getting jammed in the corners of the pouch. The shaped pouches also have a good barrier which provides high moisture and odor barriers and provides a long-term shelf life for internal packaging products.

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